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Health, Safety and Environment Management Policy

         The management of Zekon Indonesia recognizes the importance of safety, health and environment management to the success of the organization. Our employees are vital to the delivery of high quality products and services for our clients. To this end, we are committed to taking all reasonable steps to insure a safe and healthy workplace for all staff, simultaneously acknowledging our responsibility for the protection of the environment.

             Our goal is to establish a safe workplace for all employees and reduce the potential for injuries to zero. All employees will benefit from the knowledge that their work environment provides protection from injury. This will allow each of us to focus on providing the highest level of quality in the products and services we supply.

      Each of us has responsibilities and are accountable for various aspects of  Zekon Indonesia’s program.

Senior Management

The organization and its senior management commits to the development of the program, availability of financial resources, monitoring program progress, training and contracting of the necessary services and staff, rehabilitation and recognition and at a minimum meeting of legislative requirements.

Managers and Supervisors

Managers and supervisors are responsible for implementation of programs, reinforcement, monitoring and coaching of employees. They are additionally responsible for identification and control of hazards in the workplace.


Each employee has a responsibility to participate in the company safety program, attend training sessions, inform management of HSE concerns or hazards and monitor their fellow workers and third party HSE performance