Water is one of our most precious resources,  nothing can live without it. Knowledge of the amount of water, its distribution over space and time, and its effects on the earth’s surface is what hydrology is about.

Zekon Indonesia provide unsurpassed skill and innovation for clients in water resources management, hydrological investigations and hydraulics engineering.


Hydrology for insfrastucture

  • Irrigation and water supply
  • Catchment flood management
  • Storage dams
  • Flood detention dams
  • Run-of-river intakes
  • Bridges and waterway crossings

Service of initial planning stages

  • Regional resource studies
  • Catchment yield analysis
  • Flood and low flow frequency evaluations
  • Flow monitoring programmes
  • Damn reservoir sizing

Subsequent project stages

  • Flood routing
  • Catchment rainfall-runoff modelling
  • Design storm and flood estimation
  • Probable maximum flood
  • Dambreak hazard assessment