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Delivering Competitive Solutions

We take pride in delivering quality on time to our customers.

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Zekon Indonesia is a national integrated engineering consultancy and construction services provider. We are offering innovative execution and delivery solutions to its clients in multiple sectors for projects of scale and complexity, whilst managing diverse technological interfaces.

Zekon Indonesia is uniquely positioned amongst the local contracting fraternity with its integrated engineering consultancy and construction services capability. This, combined with advantages of incorporating operational experience of design and engineering phase, gives Zekon the ability to offer a comprehensive full-spectrum 'value-engineered' construction capability to clients. Our technical EPC solutions come with the ability to manage a large workforce across diverse locations in challenging terrains and environments.

At Zekon Indonesia, safe working practices are at the center of our operating philosophy. We are committed to executing projects and delivering value to our clients within the parameters of highest quality and best industry practices in health and safety standards.

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